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My Diva, My Daughter

I’m including some audio in my Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – DPS – book. It’s not secret anymore. I’m making an¬†interactive¬†Spanish Language ABC book – look for it for any talet device – FREE – Todas las letras. It’s a complicated project. And part of it is to record my daughter speaking the letters.

Image of Sophia in the studio

In the voiceover studio of the Amsterdam Room

My daughter, Sophia, 5, is independent. And despite my preparations and coaching, I was happy to get 3 takes out of her, incomplete as they were. I will be spending lots of time in Adobe Audition piecing this thing together.

The recording engineer, my brother-in-law, has an Emmy in the studio because, well, he won an Emmy. I’m not so sure if he was cool about us getting fingerprints all over it.

Is it cool to pick this thing up?