Cartoons are a Gateway Drug

Cartoons were my gateway drug to the New Yorker Magazine. Then fiction, and then the hard stuff. I read Philip Roth and Seymore Hersh now. And I started young, man, young. My dad used to keep stacks of New Yorkers around the house.

Friends, tonight is my Tiger Beat dreamdate. Three New Yorker cartoonists are appearing at the San Francisco Cartoon Museum and I’m going. It’s going to be Zachary Kanin, Drew Dernavich, and Matthew Diffee. I’ve been trading tweets with Drew for a few months. And I’m, I can, um, nobody reads this blog, so I can say, yes, I’m going to call him my friend. I am friends with a New Yorker cartoonist. And tonight, I’m going to bag two more, baby.

I have super cool swag from Adobe where I work to bribe them into being my friends. I’m bringing my friend, Ed, who is hella’ funny, and is a high school English teacher – something he says tonight will probably end up in a New Yorker cartoon. I’m facilitating this, I won’t be envious.

This is going to be so cool. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

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