If you were an animal … and made out of cheese

One may view the results of the survey here:

While most people selected a cheese from the list provided, a lot wanted to choose their own animal – my favorite: Leafy Seadragon. My overall favorite: Pepper Jack Yak. Nice work. The survey will remain open in case anybody wants to add another choice.

The survey was created via acrobat.com forms central, an Adobe hosted service- it took about five minutes. It’s cool. Try it yourself. I’ll take your survey, promise.

Thanks to Daniel Presedo for swiftly sketching the Swiss Cheese Wolf, above. He (Daniel, not the wolf) is responsible for many of the 3D features in Adobe Photoshop. Dig his website here: www.dramenon.com and follow him on twitter: dramenon. Also nod to other lunchtime companion and 3D Photoshop engineer, Yuyan Song, who helped dream this up yesterday, twitter: JADErock

Thanks muchly for the retweet to New Yorker cartoonist, Drew Dernavich,  http://www.drewdernavich.com/ who knows inane humor sophisticated social research when he sees it.


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