If John Mellencamp Sang About Virtual Machines

The script failed.
You know, the one that joins the virtual machine to the domain, and adds it to the engineering OU? You were expecting an essay on something literary, weren’t you? Well, Remeber that TV series, “Police Surgeon,” a Canadian export about a guy who was a cop and a doctor. A floor wax and a dessert topping. I’m an IT professional and a writer. (scriptor juvenilia  – according to Geoffrey Cubbage’s Audubon Field Guide to Unpublished Writers. http://misanthropology101.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/the-audubon-field-guide-to-unpublished-writers/)

My colleague, Craig from the SF office, wrote a four line IM about the matter. And I know that it could be set to music.

One day I had half my VM’s run the script
One day I had 3 out of 4
One day they all ran correctly
Don’t know why it runs or does not run.

Don’t know why it runs or does not run.
<repeat 3x, fade>

And if you didn’t know, the term OU, above, stands for “Organizational Universe.” There are many clever comments that can be made about that (you should make some.) The nerds who came up with this stuff, did they have any idea?

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  1. dr_demento says:

    You are the man who will be able to change OU in geek lexicon from “Organizational Unit.” to “Organizational Universe.”(A much more entertaining definition in my opinion, I will start using it.)